Arrivals and Registration
10:00  to  13:00

The team will be ready to welcome you to East Tech West and you will be free to check in to your room, explore the grounds and facilities before networking with other delegates over lunch. 

Limited places:    Reserve a seat
Post Travel Wellness Programme
11:30  to  12:00
Networking Lunch
12:00  to  13:00

Once you have registered, take the opportunity to network, meet & greet with other C-Suite Executives attending East Tech West. 

Welcome and Introductions
14:30  to  15:15

14:30 – CNBC’s Amanda Drury – Welcome

14:40 – Welcome Address by KC Sullivan, President & Managing Director, CNBC International

14:55 – Amanda Drury introduces CNBC Talent

15:00 - Amanda introduces Party Secretary

15:05 – Keynote speech by Cai Chaolin, Party Secretary of Nansha District

15:15 – Amanda introduces the first fireside chat

CAI CHAOLIN. Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangzhou Committee.
AMANDA DRURY. Contributor. CNBC.
Smart Transportation in Smart Cities
15:20  to  15:35

FIRESIDE CHAT: Henry Liu, VP & Chief Scientist on Smart Transportation, DiDi

DiDi is a major Chinese ride-sharing, artificial intelligence and autonomous technology conglomerate, providing transportation services for 550 million users across over 400 cities.

HENRY LIU. VP and Chief Scientist on Smart Transportation. DiDi.
The Future of AI
15:40  to  15:55

FIRESIDE CHAT: Dr Min Wanli, Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist, Alibaba Cloud 

Dr Min Wanli holds a Ph.D in statistics from the University of Chicago, was a researcher at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center and a senior statistician at Google. He oversees Alibaba Cloud’s artificial intelligence projects.

WANLI MIN. Chief AI Scientist. Alibaba.
Global Investment Outlook
16:00  to  16:15

FIRESIDE CHAT: Jing Ulrich, MD & Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific, JPMorgan Chase

Jing provides strategic advice to the firm’s most senior global clients across all sectors and asset classes, working to foster greater cross-border collaboration in Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

JING ULRICH. MD and Vice Chairman of APAC. JPMorgan Chase & Co..
VC Outlook
16:20  to  16:35

FIRESIDE CHAT: Jixun Foo, Managing Partner, GGV

GGV Capital is a multi-stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and Beijing. Jixun focuses on internet and mobile technology investments.

JIXUN FOO. Managing Partner. GGV Capital.
Chinese Internet Trends Report
16:20  to  16:35

FIRESIDE CHAT: Edith Yeung, Head, 500 Startups China

Edith has invested in over 40 mobile, VR, AR, AI and machine learning start-ups. She will provide us with crucial insights into the trends driving the successes in China and uncover her key findings from the Chinese Internet Trends Report.

EDITH YEUNG. Head of Greater China & Partner. 500 Startups.
Driverless Cars
16:40  to  16:55

Fireside Chat: Hu Wen, COO, is a start-up located in Silicon Valley and China. Their mission is to build is to build the safest and most reliable self-driving technology.

Voice Recognition
17:00  to  17:15

FIRESIDE CHAT: Du Lan, SVP, iflytek

iFlytek is an open AI platform focusing on voice interaction technology. It has achieved multiple breakthroughs in voice recognition technology.

Tech Innovation
17:15  to  17:30

FIRESIDE CHAT: Feng Xingya, General Manager, GAC Group

Feng Xingya is focused on GAC’s strategy for the auto industry and the role of technology – including new energy car, internet cars, smart cities and digitalization.

Welcome Reception
17:40  to  18:40
Evening Dinner and Social
18:40  to  21:00

Here at The East Tech West retreat, we have provided a whole range of wellbeing activities for energising, revitalising, networking and socialising. For all details please see our our social & wellbeing page.