Welcome to East Tech West 2019 From Mandy Drury
09:00  to  09:05
AMANDA DRURY. Contributor. CNBC.
Welcome addresses by President and Managing Director of CNBC International KC Sullivan
09:05  to  09:10
KC SULLIVAN. President and Managing Director. CNBC International.
Welcome addresses by Guangzhou Vice Mayor Wang Dong
09:10  to  09:20
DONG WANG. Vice Mayor. Guangzhou Municipal Government.
Address by Chen Anming ,Deputy Secretary-General of Guangdong Provincial Government
09:20  to  09:30

Science and Technology Collaboration in Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

ANMING CHEN. Deputy Secretary-General. Guangdong Provincial Government.
Keynote Speech by Party Secretary of Nansha District, Cai Chaolin
09:30  to  10:00

Special Address by Cai Chaolin on Guangzhou and Nansha District.

CAI CHAOLIN. Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee. Party Secretary of Nansha District.
10:05  to  10:45
Welcome to ETW 2019
10:45  to  11:00
CNBC Conversation with Liang Hua, Chairman, Huawei Opening East Tech West 2019
11:00  to  11:25

Huawei’s chairman will discuss how technological innovation drives economic globalization, the company's outlook for 2020 and the potential of 5G.

LIANG HUA. Chairman. Huawei.
CNBC Meets Robert H. McCooey, Jr, Nasdaq
11:25  to  11:40

CNBC Meets Robert H. McCooey, Jr, Nasdaq who is responsible for new listings as well as relationship management with Nasdaq’s 3,500 listed companies in the Americas and throughout Asia Pacific. We talk to him about the listing environment for technology companies globally

ROBERT H. MCCOOEY, JR.. Senior Vice President. Nasdaq.
Smart cars and new energy
11:40  to  12:00

In this fireside chat, Feng Xingya, President/Executive Director at Guangzhou Automobile Group Co will share his outlook for the Chinese car industry, shine a light on GAC's strategy in the electric vehicle space and assess the role the automobile industry can play in protecting the environment. 

FENG XINGYA. President. Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
QIAN CHEN. Reporter. CNBC.
12:00  to  13:30
CNBC Conversation with Alain Crozier, Chairman & CEO Greater China Region, Microsoft
13:30  to  13:45

In this fireside chat, Alain will share the company’s overarching China strategy, including the outlook for new consumer products, innovations in AI and growth potential in different regions. He’ll also discuss how Microsoft is navigating the trade war. The cognitive enterprise Artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction. We discuss how businesses are adopting AI as an integral part of their digital transformation to become cognitive enterprises.

ALAIN CROZIER. Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO. Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR).
DEIRDRE BOSA. Technology Reporter. CNBC.
The Bank of the Future
13:45  to  14:15

Technology has disrupted large swathes of the financial services industry, from how banks assess risks and support customers to how financial assets are bought and sold. In this session, panellists will discuss the essential tools that financial institutions need to not only survive but also prosper in the digital age.

DAVID RAFALOVSKY. CTO, Executive Vice President. Sberbank.
MICHAEL GORRIZ. CIO. Standard Chartered.
HENRY MA. Executive Vice President and CIO. WeBank.
ARJUN KHARPAL. Technology Correspondent. CNBC.
Banking in the Digital Age
14:15  to  14:45

Banks globally are reshaping the way they do business, but as technology empower consumers worldwide, how are banks evolving their products and operating models to ensure they remain relevant in the new digital ecosystem?

WENDY LIU. Head of China Strategy. UBS Investment Bank.
CG LAI. CEO. BNP Paribas (China).
MOHAMMED ALSHEHABI. Head of Innovation. Al Salam Bank-Bahrain.
Making it Pay: How fintech is changing the game
14:45  to  15:00

In this fireside chat, we will discuss the latest developments in financial technology and identify innovations that will transform the payments experience for companies and consumers.

GREG GENG. Vice President. Tencent's WeChat Business Group.
QIAN CHEN. Reporter. CNBC.
15:00  to  15:30
The future is now: How 5G will transform communication
15:30  to  16:05

In this panel discussion we focus on how the next generation of wireless technology will enable users to do much more with their cell phones and bring connected devices to life. 

DR. JUSTIN CHUANG. Vice President, Communications Technologies. ASTRI.
SIHAN BO CHEN. Head of Greater China. GSMA.
HENRY TANG. Chief 5G Scientist. OPPO.
REBECCA A. FANNIN. Founder. Silicon Dragon Ventures.
ARJUN KHARPAL. Technology Correspondent. CNBC.
Sustainable Smart Cities
16:05  to  16:35

A panel session focused on discussing how smart cities are improving the lives of their inhabitants and how ensuring sustainability is vital to their expansion. 

GUY DIEDRICH. Vice President and Global Innovation Officer. Cisco.
BRYAN SCOTT BANCHER. Investment Director. New Economy Fund China Everbright Limited.
CHUYUN WU. VP. CloudWalk.
Opportunities in the 4th Industrial Revolution
16:35  to  17:00

Artificial Intelligence. 5G. Self-driving cars. Technological advances are set to drastically alter how businesses operate and interact with individuals and governments. The panel session will discuss how we got here, what we need to be mindful of and how companies can harness opportunities amid this profound change.

MA YUE. Senior Vice President, Global Industrial Control & Drives. Schneider Electric.
DANIL KERIMI. Head of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network. World Economic Forum.
DEIRDRE BOSA. Technology Reporter. CNBC.
Welcome Networking Dinner
19:00  to  22:00 v The Connoisseur Room