10:00  to  13:00
Welcome to East Tech West 2019 From Mandy Drury
11:00  to  11:10
Welcome addresses by President and Managing Director of CNBC International KC Sullivan
11:10  to  11:15
KC SULLIVAN. President and Managing Director. CNBC International.
Welcome addresses by Guangzhou Mayor Wen Guohui
11:15  to  11:25
WEN GUOHUI. Mayor of Guangzhou.
Keynote Speech by Party Secretary of Nansha District, Cai Chaolin
11:25  to  11:35
CAI CHAOLIN. Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee. Party Secretary of Nansha District.
CNBC Conversation with Liang Hua, Chairman, Huawei
11:40  to  12:00

Opening East Tech West 2019, Huawei’s chairman will discuss what’s next for the technology powerhouse and the potential of 5G

LIANG HUA. Chairman. Huawei.
12:00  to  13:30
CNBC Meets Robert H. McCooey, Jr, Nasdaq
13:30  to  13:50

With responsibility for New Listings as well as Relationship Management with Nasdaq’s 3,500 listed companies in the Americas and throughout Asia Pacific, we talk to Robert H. McCooey, Jr about the listing environment for technology companies globally.

ROBERT H. MCCOOEY, JR.. Senior Vice President. Nasdaq.
Making it Pay: How fintech is changing the game
13:50  to  14:10

In this session, panelists will discuss the latest developments in financial technology and identify innovations that will transform the payments experience for companies and consumers.

The Bank of the Future
14:10  to  14:35

Technology has disrupted large swathes of the financial services industry, from how banks assess risks and support customers to how financial assets are bought and sold. In this session, panelists will discuss the essential tools that financial institutions need to not only survive but also prosper in the digital age.

MICHAEL GORRIZ. CIO. Standard Chartered.
HENRY MA. Executive Vice President and CIO. WeBank.
DAVID RAFALOVSKY. CTO, Executive Vice President. Sberbank.
The power of blockchain
14:35  to  14:55

A panel disucussion focused on the latest developments on how blockchain is transforming the financial industry

LEI CHEN. CEO. Xunlei.
PAUL BRODY. Global Blockchain Innovation Leader. EY.
14:55  to  15:45
The future is now: How 5G will transform communication
15:45  to  16:00

In this panel discussion we focus on how the next generation of wireless technology will enable users to do much more with their cellphones and bring connected devices to life.

JAMES PENG. Co-founder and CEO.
Sustainable Smart Cities
16:00  to  16:25

A panel session focused on discussing how smart cities are improving the lives of their inhabitants and how ensuring sustainability is vital to their expansion.

VICTOR AI. CEO of Terminus Technologies. Managing Director of China Everbright Ltd.
Smartphones: The Next Gen
16:25  to  16:50

Panel focused on the latest innovations in smartphones and what new technologies customers can expect in the coming months.

DR BILL LIU. Founder and CEO. Royole.
Opportunities in the 4th Industrial Revolution
16:50  to  17:30

Artificial Intelligence. 5G. Self-driving cars. Technological advances are set to drastically alter how businesses operate and interact with individuals and governments. The panel session will discuss how we got here, what we need to be mindful of and how companies can harness opportunities amid this profound change.

WILLIAM LI. Founder, Chairman and CEO. NIO.