What is East Tech West?

East Tech West is an annual invite-only tech retreat held in Nansha, Guangzhou, China. Bringing together a carefully curated guest list of the world’s most influential technology leaders, East Tech West is a forum to discuss and debate what’s next for this exciting industry. Exploring everything from Artificial Intelligence to 5G, CNBC’s award winning reporters host panels, fire-side chats and workshops with the world’s most prolific investors, inventors and entrepreneurs where they share their stories and celebrate innovation. East Tech West is produced by CNBC – the world’s number one business and financial news network.

Where is East Tech West held?

East Tech West 2019 will be held at Nansha, Guangzhou, China. Most of the retreat will be hosted at the LN Garden Hotel with a few offsite events.

How can I attend East Tech West?

East Tech West 2019  is an exclusive event for invited guests only. If you would like to be involved, please apply to attend on the website or reach out to our team at Invitations are subject to the discretion of CNBC.

Who will be attending East Tech West?

East Tech West will bring together those at the cutting edge of the technology industry and leading investors from across the world. The guest list has been curated to ensure the three day event is not only a catalyst for thought provoking debate and discussion, but also a fantastic networking opportunity.

What can I do if I have further questions?

If you would like further information regarding East Tech West please email and one of the team will be in touch.


Do I have to pay to attend East Tech West?

There is no fee to attend the retreat however guests are requested to cover travel and accommodation costs. The editorial programme, activities and food and beverages over the course of the 3 days are complimentary.

Can I bring along a guest for the conference apart from myself?

This is an exclusive event for invited guests only. Due to such nature, please reach out to our team at with the details of a guest apart from you and we will be directly in touch. Invitations are subject to the discretion of CNBC.

If I am not able to attend, can I send someone else to attend on my behalf?

This is an exclusive event for invited guests only. Due to such nature, please reach out to our team at EastTechWest@cnbc.comwith the details of a representative to attend on your behalf and we will be directly in touch. Invitations are subject to the discretion of CNBC.

Is attendance across all 3 days compulsory?

There will be a host of activities for the whole duration which you can choose to attend; it is not compulsory to attend all sessions or panels. This retreat is designed into 3 tracks and it is for each individual to select which track is ideal.

What topics will be discussed during East Tech West 2019?

The full agenda can be found here. 

Can I become a speaker at East Tech West?

The editorial team are working on finalising the agenda and targeting key speakers for each session. All guests however are encouraged to attend as active delegates where expertise, knowledge and experience is shared and discussed in an inspiring and interactive environment.


Why China?

As the world’s second-largest economy and home to some of the largest technology companies in the world, China represents an ever growing economy that we want to shine the light on. The One Belt One Road initiative also illustrates the global impact China is having on a range of sectors.  Our audiences’ appetite for China content is huge. Given the importance of the technology industry to China’s economy, and the sheer number of major local and foreign companies based in the Pearl River Delta, the event will shed light on the factors that have driven growth in the sector. 

Tell me more about Nansha, Guangzhou

It is the very place where the ever-running Pearl River joins the vastness of the South China Sea, symbolizing the area's ever-growing horizons.

Located at the Pearl River estuary, Nansha is well-known for its rich marine resources. This fertile land has survived the ups and downs of time, and is the silent witness of every major historical event taking place in at the Southern Gate of China. Through Nansha, a major stop along the ancient Maritime Silk Road, oriental civilization was spread widely to the rest of the world.

Fast Forward….the Nansha New Area is one of three pre-existing development zones that came together to form the current Guangdong Free Trade Zone. With various export shipping routes and financial hub Hong Kong within the vicinity, it is worthwhile exploring the various facets of the Nansha New Area.

What will the weather in November be like?

It will be the beginning of winter. Temperatures range from 27 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius/ 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

What currency is used in Nansha?

The Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) is the currency of choice.

What is the time zone in Nansha?

The time zone is GMT+8.


Are there any existing arrangements for travels and accommodation?

Please reach out to our team at and we will be in  touch.

Are there other accommodation options?

We highly encourage our delegates to stay at the LN Garden Hotel in Nansha as most of the retreat will be held there. However, we understand that you might want to book an accommodation on your own. If so, please reach out to us should you require land transfer arrangements.

How can I get to Nansha?

There are a few different ways to get to Nansha, Guangzhou.

1. Serving most countries, the nearest international airport to Nansha is the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport that serves most countries. The airport is approximately 90 minutes away from Nansha.

2. Another alternative airport is the ShenZhen Bao’an International Airport which is approximately 70 minutes away.

3. It is also possible to fly in to Hong Kong International Airport and board a 75 minute ferry ride from the airport to Nansha port. 

Land transfer arrangements can be made for all of the above options.

Do I require a visa?

It is entirely possible that you may need a valid visa to enter China. We recommend that at the time of booking you check the visa requirements with your local embassy. 

I do require a visa, can you help?

If you have been told by your local embassy that you need a Letter of Introduction from the Organiser for your Visa Application, please do the following steps:

Send an E- mail to with the subject heading:  “Request for Letter of Introduction for Visa Application to attend East Tech West″.

In your e-mail, provide the following details:

Complete Name Printed on Passport:

Passport Number:

Date of Birth:


Port of Embarkation (country of origin before arriving in Nansha, China):

Estimated Arrival Date (in Nansha, China):

Estimated Departure Date (from Nansha, China):

Company Name:

Complete Mailing Address (with postal/zip code):


This letter is not transferable and cannot be duplicated.

Note that the letter will state that you will be in receipt of a return ticket and that the company you are representing at East Tech West will be fully responsible for your insurance and travelling expenses.

For all other enquiries including marketing, panelist, sponsorship and other involvement opportunities, please reach out to our team at